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An Abominable Craft Beer Rabbit Hole

An Abominable Craft Beer Rabbit Hole

By The White Rabbit,

As soon as I got word that I was going to be covering Defiant’s yearly, and now historic, ‘Abominable Snowfest’, I got on my cell “horn” and arranged expedient, if not extravagant, transportation. I was more than a little excited to attend what I consider to be a Rockland County Bucket List event. So I went a little overboard with these transportation arrangements.

I have a tight, yearly budget for music and beer festivals, so big nod to Kyle, Defiant’s Head of Promotions (or whatever the title may be within said outfit) for the fitting musical line up, affording patrons two birds for the price of one, as not only did I score a ticket to the best beer festival Rockland County offers, but I also got a kick ass, eclectic array of body moving music for the afternoon.

The Abominable Snowfest wouldn’t be what it is without the always Defiant Eileen De La Rosa.

Ringmaster Neill Acer.

Attendees beware, Abominable is a multi-sensory event in that it delivers a swift, powerful assault, in the best possible way, to all your senses – the taste of the biggest and some of the best locally available beers accompanied by the taste of slow smoked pork and bbq meats and Defiant’s legendary Mac and Cheese (to the 10th degree); the feel of the cold, curvy tasting glass grasped tightly in your anticipatory hand; the sight of the freshest, hoppiest beers around, making their way from that same curvy glass to your mouth; all tied up with the hypnotic sounds of incessant inside industry chatter and beats which lure the crowd toward the stage. Can I get an Amen for the glorious smell of bacon which hangs thick over the room that’s also filled with those cereal smells from the brewery? Yes, Abominable is not for the sensory challenged, as everything here is go big and then go home…or to one of the many after parties.

Naturally, I decided to helicopter into Yeti Territory on this misty, chill-filled air of a London-looking, gray and cloudy day. As I parachuted down, I spotted the train station where I joined the masses disembarking the tracks to where stands Pearl River’s mainstay, Defiant Brewing Co. Slithering out Defiant’s door I observe the predictable line of palpable, thirsty looking ladies and fellas. All thanks to Neill Acer, owner, brewmaster of Defiant who makes it a point to craft out the time each year to bring these giant beers from all around to our neck of the woods, for one day, and one day only. Defiant and the well esteemed brewers who justifiably appear to present their beers, (all bragging rights are well earned), have made ‘Abominable’ notorious for consistently boasting a stellar line up of some of the biggest and badass’d local, high ABV content beers.

Props go out to Defiant’s kitchen for dishing up and out high quality and a varied array of nibblers which were exceptional accouterments to the best beers available within a 100 mile radius, all pouring in the colossal performance hall at Defiant.

Mariachis and Mimes

Upon arrival I was greeted with a 6-oz, no, big ass pour of Defiant’s own DIPA style ‘Abominable Snowbeer’. Obviously I could be partial here, but Defiant knocks it out of the park with this beer. I’m not going to pontificate on which beers or breweries were the best, though I have my favorites; I’ll leave the consensus and polling up to the mind of each beer lover. Click here to see who was there.

Mariachi Artistico was strumming and I must say, if you’re gonna do Mariachi, this is the band. I had yet to spot a Yeti but a few mimes appeared and encouraged the band and the crowd to ramp it up a bit.
Poetic Thrust had a lot to offer in a Tribe called Quest meets rap and ‘Sublime’ way. Geezer’s stoner blues finished off the crowd. All the music was enjoyed, including DJ Durty Santa all day but, hey, I was only sent to talk about the craft…

Whether homebrewer, or just craft curious, you should go ahead and put the Abominable 2021 Snowfest in your calendar. It’s got all the bells and whistles of the best that “our” local craft beer culture has to offer. Culture requires the support of we, the local people of a given area – so support!

Neill Acer takes the stage and thanks all who came out, and brings all the brewers on stage for a final toast. Last call is beaconed out. I look at my phone in disbelief, and am greeted with the stark reality that it isn’t 2AM after all, but a mere 5 in the afternoon. I’m more than glad that I scheduled an airlift out of this Yeti rabbit hole.
A stunner of a full double rainbow blatantly signals attendees the end of the Abominable flood…until next year.




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    Paul Harmon
    February 7, 2020

    Nice article. Very entertaining.

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    Gail Kearney
    February 7, 2020

    Great write-up, Diane!!!

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