BCTC 2017: Brewers Define ‘Craft Beer’

Beer Affair / Cat Wolinski and Patrick Phillips

In this video produced by BeerAffair (created by Ale Street News columnist, Cat Wolinski and cinematographer, Patrick Phillips), brewers at Brewery Ommegang’s annual Belgium Comes to Cooperstown (BCTC) festival were asked to define craft beer.

A common thread quickly wove through their answers: brewers know exactly why they chose this profession. Their reasons are centered around the abilities of choice, creativity, freedom, and sharing a passion with family, friends and their community.

Said Phil Leinhart, Brewery Ommegang brewmaster (who was not available at the time of filming), “Craft beer means a dedication to what you’re doing and a certain knowledge and skill level. I’ve worked in all different sized breweries…I firmly believe there’s craft in every size. I’ve met some of the best, smartest people in larger breweries. The common thread is passion for beer and making as high quality beer as you can.”

Thank you to the following participants: Scott Luposello, Clemson Bros. Brewery; Austin Partridge, Red Shed Ale; Kevin Van Blarcun, Keegan Ales; Jamal Robinson, Stony Creek Brewery; Richard Rogers, Roscoe Beer Co.; Tony Bellis, Kings County Brewers Collective; Colin Herzog, Flying Bison Brewing Co.; Randy Schull, Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.; Vincent Somoggi, Flying Bison Brewing Co.; Jaye Beattie, Four Mile Brewing; Kelly Taylor, KelSo Beer Co.; Gabe Barry, Brooklyn Brewery.