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Govt Shutdown May be Affecting Your Beer

You may not think the government shutdown is affecting you – unless your favorite National Park or Monument is closed or if you were planning a museum trip to Washington, DC – but it may actually be affecting your beer choices.
The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is one of the agencies that is closed as a result of the government shutdown and they have issued an Appropriations Lapse Notice which means they will not approve labels or process permits. This could affect those new releases that both you and brewers rely on, not only now, but also post-shutdown when there could be a considerable backlog. “It’s a pain,” said Joe Delcalzo of Brix City Brewing, “We’ve submitted labels but nothing’s coming back. It’ll be a month before I can get beer out on pallets.”
And if you’re anxiously awaiting the opening of that brewery down the road that’s been ready and waiting for their federal brewing permit – well, that could take a while longer too!

Win a Winter Weekend Getaway!

Paulaner USA, is launching a ‘text to win’ sweepstake contest in support of Paulaner Salvator doppelbock. Those who enter have the chance to win a weekend getaway house with their friends and family, and will get to choose from four different locations.
To enter the Paulaner “Ain’t No Party Like A Salvator Haus Party” Sweepstakes, all potential candidates must text the word PAULANERHAUS to 484848. The Grand Prize winner will win a weekend getaway with friends and family to their choice location in either Montauk New York, Lake Michigan, Florida Keys or San Diego CA.
In addition, consumers are invited to post a photo of their #Paulanerparty on Instagram for the chance to win a stunning Paulaner branded outdoor fire pit. The top five posts will each win a fire pit.
Paulaner USA Facebook: @Paulanerusa
Paulaner USA Instagram: @Paulanerusa

There’s a Brewery Near You!

Did you know that 85% of the nation’s population now lives within 10 miles of a brewery? This fact, brought about by the new milestone of 7,000 operating breweries in the U.S. was one of the highlights of 2018 according to a list compiled by the Brewers Association. Other highlights included the Year of the Haze as New England debuted as the immediate most popular category at the Great American Beer Festival; growth of the BA’s Seek the Seal Independent label; homebrewers topping the one million mark; half a million jobs in the craft brewing industry and $76.2 billion in economic stimulus.
Check the BA’s infographic

Or  2018 highlights in Beerku

Now slow and steady
But relentless you may say
5 percent okay!

Half a million jobs
Billions into economy
Craft beer sustaineth

Nation still fertile for
Brewery germination
Seven K and more

Brewers get the feel
Independence and the seal
Making it real

Good, fresh, crafted beer
Is being brewed, served and slaked
Just down road from you

Years in the making
Sudden tax windfall is reaped
And reinvested

Decade down the road
Will we be remembering
Year of the haze craze?

Forty years forward
Homebrewing revolution
One million strong