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Casacde Brewing Coral horizon

Brew Scoops 8-5-19


By Gail Kearney, Photo credit: Cascade Brewing

PORTLAND, OR – Cascade Brewing has released Coral Horizon, a barrel aged blond ale with grapefruit zest, hibiscus and ginger. A blend of 8% sour blond ales aged in oak wine barrels for up to 16 months with late infusions of grapefruit zest, hibiscus tea and freshly chopped ginger root, it pours a pale coral-red hue reminiscent of a summer sunset. This small batch blend offers a soft, approachable acidity level great for those new to sour beer. Available on draft and in 500-ml bottles at Cascade’s two Portland pubs as well as through limited distribution networks.


Abita Strawberry lagerABITA SPRINGS, LA – The team at Abita Brewing Co. have announced seasonal favorite Abita Strawberry Lager is now available year-round. As one of the most anticipated seasonal beers among Abita’s repertoire, the craft brew’s availability will increase from three months out of the year to 365 days per year. The only beer brewed with Louisiana strawberries, the crisp lager is made with Pilsner and Wheat malts and Vanguard hops, resulting in a light gold lager with a subtle haze and strawberry flavor and aroma. Similar to wine with grape harvest, the team at Abita has worked closely with its farmers to ensure enough berries are harvested to last throughout the year, allowing the craft brewery to deliver the fresh taste of strawberries to consumers all year long. Available in bottles, 12-oz and 19.2-oz cans, and ¼ and ½ draft kegs. The beer is distributed to its current markets across the US.


Rodenbach CLassicRIDGEFIELD, CT – Rodenbach Brewery announced that its original sour ale, Rodenbach Classic, has undergone a complete redesign and is now available in cans throughout the US. A blend of young and mature beer, Rodenbach Classic is a perfect balance of caramelized roasted malts and tart fruit notes with subtle oak undertones and a refreshingly crisp, yet lingering finish. The mature beer is aged for two years in the standing oak casks – a process that dates back to the middle ages and something that Rodenbach has been doing for nearly 200 years. It is then expertly blended by Master Brewer Rudi Ghequire for an approachable, sessionable sour that is pairs exceptionally well with foods. Available exclusively in 4-pack, 16.9-oz cans (500-ml). 


Anchor Galaxy Hop BlendSAN FRANCISCO, CA – Anchor Brewing Co. launches Brewers’ Pale Ale Galaxy Hop Blend, an exceptionally bright and quaffable 5.3% beer brimming with tropical hop flavor. Brewers’ Pale Ale is Anchor’s evolving hop series brewed by brewers, for brewers. Grown only in a specific region of Australia, the Galaxy hop overflows with flavors and aromatics of clean citrus, passion fruit and peach. Because of its unique and inviting flavor profile, the Galaxy hop is in high demand worldwide, causing the variety to be scarce to come by. A supporting cast of Ekuanot, Calypso and Cascade hops adds to this brew’s unmistakable flavor. Brewed with 2-row pale, red wheat and pilsner malt, it pours a bright golden straw color with a creamy white head and nice lacing. Not filtered to intense clarity, it has an intentional slight haziness. It finishes fairly dry with a nice balanced drinkability, making it a beer to enjoy any time of the day. Available in 6-pack bottles and on draught at select bars, restaurants and stores as well as at Anchor Public Taps and the Anchor Brewing Taproom in San Francisco.

Anchor celebrates the return of Anchor Steam Week August 11-18, 2019. Celebrations will start on August 11th across CA, GA, FL, WA, OR, NV, VA, IL, MO, MA, UT, CO, NE, AZ, NY, PA and TX.   For a full list of events and special offerings happening throughout Anchor Steam Week, visit Guests at all Anchor Steam Week events are encouraged to share the moment on social media by using #RaiseYourAnchor.


Woodchick Pumpkin CiderMIDDLEBURY, VT. – Vermont Cider Co., makers of Woodchuck® Hard Cider are excited to announce that a fan favorite is being released for a limited time to celebrate Fall the proper way. Woodchuck Pumpkin was previously a part of the Woodchuck Private Reserve line, and is back with a slight twist. Prior releases had a true pumpkin taste different from the more familiar spiced pumpkin, this year’s pumpkin stays true to that with the addition of oak aging. The naked pumpkin profile and oak aging plays perfectly against the red culinary apple varieties used in this 5.5% cider. The cider is a light copper with aroma notes of oaky squash and butterscotch, and an earthy taste with hints of vanilla and caramel. Available in East and Central regions beginning in August in 12-oz 6-pack cans. Also available in kegs.


Avery The KaiserBOULDER, CO – Just in time for fall and its most notable Fest, Avery Brewing Co. announces its limited release of Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest Lager, an emboldened Prost! to one of the world’s most recognized styles. The 8% bold lager weaves together rich, toasted Vienna and Munich malts with the floral spiciness of Hersbrucker and Bravo hops to create a bold and brazen dry Imperial Oktoberfest. Available seasonally August through October in 6-pack cans.

Avery’s Barrel-Aged Series is brewed for those as adventurous as they are where anything, and they mean anything, goes! Just released is Number 53 in the series is Bon-Bon Cerise, a 14.6% stout aged in bourbon barrels with cherry, cacao nibs, & vanilla beans. This dark, rich stout was held in barrels like tart, gooey cherries held in a dark chocolate shell. Take a bite of this blissful beverage, courtesy of Avery’s beer chocolatiers.


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This edition: Everyone’s getting Hard!

PBR Hard CoffeeMILWAUKEE, WI – Pabst Brewing Co. turned heads when it announced its latest product—not a new lager, but hard coffee. At 5%, Pabst said that Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee is “among the first of its kind in the industry,” combining Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, milk, and malt beverage to create a boozy version of your morning cup of joe. It’s meant to taste like “vanilla infused premium iced coffee,” and there have been comparisons to Yoo-hoo, the popular creamy chocolate milk drink. If you’re interested in trying the hard coffee, it’s only available in “limited test markets”—so far that’s PA, ME, NJ, FL, and GA. Photo: Bridget Hallinan


Dutch Hard LatteCHARLOTTE, N.C. – It’s time to get Dutched. Fundamental Beverages announced the launch of Newground Hard Dutch Lattes. A kick in every can, the premium, ready–to–drink malt beverages are infused with real coffee or tea, decadent Dutch cream and alcohol. Imported from Holland, the beverages are available in two unique and indulgent flavors. Expertly blended with the finest ingredients and natural flavors, Newground uses nitro technology for a ridiculously perfect pour and smooth taste. With rich coffee flavors mellowed by a smooth sweetness, the Hard Dutch Cafe Latte is crafted with caffeine to provide an energizing jolt. The caffeine–free Hard Dutch Chai Latte is a sweet treat in a can, balancing vanilla notes, black tea and natural spices, all complemented by the tantalizing zing of alcohol. At 5%, Newground is a sessionable beverage to be enjoyed on its own or mixed with a harder spirit. Available now at select retailers in GA and PA, and can be purchased as singles and four–packs of 6.76-oz cans. Newground will continue to roll out throughout the year in select states across the US.


Twang Michelada MixSAN ANTONIO, TX – Twang Partners, Ltd., announces the launch of its first-ever liquid product, Twang Reserve Michelada Cocktail Mix, available starting in August. The formula is 85% juice-based and it uses all natural ingredients including a seven-vegetable blend, organic Worcestershire sauce, ancho chilies, real lime juice and no preservatives or corn syrup. Twang’s new mix is a high-quality, tomato-based blend used to quickly and conveniently create the perfect michelada, the popular beer cocktail that is native to Mexico. The prepared mix works best with Mexican beers and domestic lagers and is commonly referred to as a milder version of its American cousin, the Bloody Mary. Bottles range in size including a 16-oz and 32-oz glass bottle, also a small plastic bottle that is a perfect single-serve option and is available at convenience, liquor and select grocery stores in Texas. Twang has future plans to launch elsewhere in the Southwest sometime in 2020.