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Former Smutty Brewer Going to Chapel and Main

Former Smutty Brewer Going to Chapel and Main

By Dan Kochakian


Smuttynose Brewing in Hampton has collaborated with Whole Foods Market to release a special beer for WFM sales-only called Whole Lotta Lupulin Double IPA. At 9.5%/69-IBU, this beer isn’t one for the beach (unless you enjoy long naps in the sun), but is full-bodied with citrus and pine and a hoppy, slightly bitter finish from Nugget, Summit, Citra, Motueka, Amarillo and Centennial hops. Available at WFM in CT, NH, ME and MA. For summer session quaffing, Smutty’s Summer IPA is a lovely hoppy beer at only 5%, but loaded with Zeus, Citra, Saphir and Amarillo hops, resulting in a tropical fruit flavor with a zap of bitterness. Another you may consider is Pinniped Special, a 5.1% brew in the Vienna lager style with caramel and toasted bread with a refreshing hoppy bitterness. Some folks have wondered where former Smutty executive brewer Dave Yarrington had gone, but he’ll be turning up soon at the new Chapel and Main Brewery in Dover run by the Black Birch restaurant owners

Sublime Brewing in Plymouth, just west of Squam Lake, is owned by co-brewers Greg Aprilliano and Dave Sanbron. The brewery is located at The Last Chair restaurant and produces small batches of the very popular pale ale and IPA. Just to the south near Lake Winnipesaukeee is Shackett’s Brewing in Bristol where a nice range of beers (including pale ale, 6% IPA, wheat, blonde, brown, porter and stout) may be found on tap and in bottles. A 7.2% barleywine also hits the taps during the cold-weather season.

Rockingham Brewing in Derry released Lean, a Session Belgian IPA that was a big success. Now check out it’s alter ego, Plump a juicy Belgian Double IPA at 8%! Habanero IPA will also make an appearance this summer.

7th Settlement Brewing in Dover has canned its 1623 Almighty Brown Ale, and as of this Labor Day, tipping will not be the norm. Also, watch for the Community Dinner Series with local breweries and a sake distillery complementing fine food courses through the year.


David Yarrington, former Director Brewing Ops will be resurfacing at Chapel and Main Brewery in Dover.