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Looking Forward to Looking Back

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Looking Forward to Looking Back

As we continue this digital journey, the next phase of Ale Street News, we’ll be occasionally sprinkling in blasts from the past (like this holiday beer tasting from 1996) from our 27 years of archives.

In the meantime here’s some interesting links from other writers on the more recent past.

Author Josh Noel posted on the most WTF craft brewery acquisitions in the past decade. (Noel chronicled the Goose Island saga in his book Barrel Aged Stout and Selling Out).

Over at Niko Krommydas collected quotes from a bunch of brewers on what they think 2019 will be remembered for in beer.

The always interesting Good Beer Hunters website has a list of their readers favorite long-form stories from 2019. We recommend the one on Norwegian Kveik yeast.

Cheers! We’ll see you on the beer road in 2020.