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Man Registers Emotional Support Beer

by Tony Forder

Brooklyn resident and self-titled “ideas man” Floyd Hayes has registered a pint of beer as his emotional support “animal.”
The beer is described by Hayes as a 16 oz, lightly hopped session IPA served in a regular bar pint glass.

Said Hayes, “I’m not permitted a dog in my building, so I thought an emotional support beer would be more appropriate. It helps alleviate my anxiety and is a cost effective way to manage stress.”
“It’s a delicious beer and at a reasonable 5% abv, can be consumed without hindering hand-eye coordination, mental ability or judgement. I’ve had trouble trying to take the pint onto public buses and into places of business, so I had the idea to get it registered,” he added.

The pint of beer is registered at under the registration number 1085780890.
For more info go to