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Cheesesteaks or Cream Donuts?

Cheesesteaks or Cream Donuts?

Ok, it’s Super Bowl time which means that breweries in the respective states are going toe-to-toe on Sunday; it’s become a good-natured tradition among the nation’s flourishing craft breweries. We remember when Boston Beer’s Jim Koch had to wear a Brooklyn Brewery t-shirt and pour Brooklyn beer after the Giants beat the Pats in Super bowl XLVI (2012).

The same bet is being wagered this year between Yards Brewing in Philly and Harpoon in Boston. The losing brewery will have to pour the winning brewery’s beer in its taproom for a day and staff will be required to wear the opponent’s gear. There are some benefits to the bet however. Yards also will donate $1 from each pint of Philly Pale Ale sold in its taproom from Jan. 24 through Feb. 4 to Prevention Point, an organization working on the opioid crisis in Philadelphia. Yards will also donate $10 from every keg of Philly Pale Ale sold in the Philadelphia region during the same timeframe to Prevention Point. Harpoon Brewery will also give back in Boston: A portion of the proceeds from a flagship beer will be donated to a charity.

Massachusetts’ Sam Adams brewery and Jack’s Abby Brewing have made a similar wager, albeit with an added wrinkle, with PA mainstays Victory Brewing and Yuengling. The losers will have to add masks to the garb of the winning team – meaning, if the Patriots win, the PA breweries will have to wear goat masks – in honor of quarterback Tom Brady’s GOAT (greatest of all time) status. Whereas, if the Eagles win, the Mass rivals will have to wear dog masks, signifying the team’s underdog status. Again there is some benefit to the bet. Each bar will be collecting donations at their taprooms for an important cause – Sam Adams and Jack’s for the preservation of the bald eagle, while Victory and Yuengling will be taking donations to preserve Boston’s historic Freedom Trail.

Of course there are other rivalries that have no such philanthropic aspirations.

Philly’s Dottie’s Donuts is taking its Boston Cream Doughnut off its menu – actually replacing it with Creamed Boston. But to be fair they are also selling a Greased Pole doughnut, in recognition of law enforcement, dubbed “the Crisco Cops” who are reported to be planning the preemptive move of greasing the city’s lampposts with Crisco to prevent Eagles fans from climbing them in the event of victory.

Meanwhile Boston’s Esplanade Association, which is in charge of the city’s esplanade riverside park that runs along the Charles River, announced that pretty much anything remotely related to Philadelphia — including cheesesteaks and Philadelphia cream cheese — will be banned from the park until Feb. 5, according to The Boston Globe. The ban doesn’t just concern food, either. Will Smith and Sylvester Stallone are also banned from the park, as the former was raised in Philly, and the latter set his “Rocky” series in the city. And a Boston bakery hit a more series note when they told their wholesaler they will no longer carry Philadelphia cream cheese – ever.

Back in Philadelphia the Museum of the American Revolution has temporarily renamed its Patriots Gallery, Eagles Gallery.

Here at ASN HQ in North Jersey, home of the “New Jersey” Jets and Giants, who do you root for? I asked our ad manager. “No one,” she said. “We hate ’em both!”

She did however say she is hosting a Super Duper pre-game party.