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Tips And Tricks On Being A Dog Friendly Brewery

by Robbi Hess,

Catering to the pet parent is one of the smartest things a non-pet focused business can do. Incorporating pets in your brewery business will draw in more customers who want to bring their dogs with them when they are looking for an engaging way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Pet owners who know both they, and their pets, are welcome at your brewery will help you to foster a more meaningful relationship with your customers and that, in turn, will grow your community. Before you dive head first into opening your brewery to the pet-loving demographic, follow these tips to create a dog-friendly brewery.

Dog friendly staff
Setting the tone for a great experience at a brewery starts with great staff. Make sure your employees are comfortable being around dogs; if they are afraid of dogs, it will not be a comfortable environment. If your staff are engaging with the pups the owners will engage with the staff more because they will feel welcomed. Keep customer service as a top priority and the customers who have brought their dogs with them will tell their friends.

Dog friendly spaces
It is one thing to say your business is pet friendly, but it is another to make your location truly pet friendly. To be a pet friendly brewery, think about how a dog will remain calm, have fun and enjoy being there. To do this you will want to create a space where your customers can sit back and enjoy their beer and the pups can play in a play area or have a comfortable space on which to lie on the floor and relax. An outdoor space at your brewery will attract pet owners who want their dog to socialize while they socialize themselves. Be conscious of a dogs’ needs as well as his owners.

Supplies and merchandise
The trick to being dog friendly is to have supplies ready. What supplies should a pet-friendly brewery have? Here are a few to consider:
Toys branded with your brewery’s label
1. Branded dog bowls. Always have water available for the dogs.
2. Dog treats. Ask the pet parent if the dog is allowed to have treats before you offer any.
3. dog beds or mats upon which the dog can relax.
4. Branded merchandise for sale. If your customers enjoy their time at your pet-friendly brewery they may want to buy their dog merchandise branded with your logo — a bed, collar, leash or toy they can take home

Having branded merchandise in your brewery and for sale will help spread the name of your brewery outside of your brewery doors.

Studies show pet parents are increasingly inclined to spoil their pups; expanding your products for pets will be an added bonus. According to a Forbes article, 83% of pet owners who are millennials buy pet merchandise and pet products. Target your pet-loving customers and capitalize on this booming market.

In addition to having branded dog supplies that will make your brewery memorable, have branded merchandise for sale for the pet parent as well. Items to consider include:
1. T shirts
2. Coasters
3. Koozies
4. Baseball hats
5. Glassware

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