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Two Roads Area Two Opens Sunday

Two Roads Area Two Opens Sunday

 Two Roads Brewing in Stratford, CT will unveil its new $15 million expansion to the public this Sunday, March 11. Area Two Experimental Brewing will be entirely focused on sour, barrel-aged and experimental beers.

Included at Area Two will be barrel-aged, lambic-style sour beers, beers aged in barrels obtained from distilleries, wineries and other sources as well as beers spontaneously fermented from local, airborne yeast. Beer will also age in large wooden tanks known as “foudres” for as long as two years to deliver unique characteristics found in these highly complex beers. The 25,000 sq ft facility, features a tasting room with a seasonal patio and a rooftop beer garden.

The showcase of the operation will be Area Two’s coolship; a large, shallow steel pan housed in a separate building facing the property’s wetlands preserve. The wetlands will be a rich source of local microflora which will be introduced to the fermenting beer as it rests in the coolship. This process, called “spontaneous fermentation,” is behind some of the world’s most renowned sour beers – and now the same process has a home in Stratford.
The coolship building features a unique curved ceiling, designed by Brewmaster Phil Markowski, to encourage the desired microbes to settle into the cooled wort and facilitate spontaneous fermentation.

Situated on 10 acres, Two Roads’ entire property now includes the original and new brewing facilities, a wetland with a future nature path, a large grass field, dubbed the ‘Hopyard,’ for outdoor events and parties, hop vines and a botanical garden where various fruits are grown to be used as brewing ingredients.

Offerings at Area Two will include several Lambic style ales, a tequila barrel-aged gose, a bourbon barrel-aged cherry quad, a sour beer aged in whiskey barrels, an ale aged in a Calvados foudre sourced from Normandy, France and Kombucha – among several other creations.