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Weekend Events, Feb 1-2, 2019

Weekend Events, Feb 1-2, 2019

Beefsteak at the CIA

Feel like doing some pre-gaming? The CIA (Culinary Institute of America) is holding its annual Beefsteak Dinner at the Hyde Park, NY college. Strap on an old-style feedbag and indulge in oysters, shrimp, mini burgers, sirloin steak and much more, washed down with steins full of beer brewed at the campus brewery…and bourbon.

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Grand Opening at Hackensack Brewing

Partners (from left) Herbert Lamont Barr III, Alex Ferenczi and Mike Jones will cut the ribbon at their Hackensack Brewing Co. on Johnson Ave. Sat. at 2pm.
Hackensack Brewing

Extreme Beer Festival

We’ve had some pretty extreme weather lately, how about some Extreme Beers. The long-running Beer Advocate Extreme Festival features 120 brewers from all over the country and more than 400 beers, Feb. 1-2 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. Friday tickets still available.

Photos from The Beer Advocate IPA Festival (40 brewers and 150+ beers) held at the Flynn Cruiseport Terminal in Boston Dec. 15, 2018.

Top: Stevie Bareford (owner/brewer) and Wyeth Bednar (brewer) of Barewolf Brewing of Amesbury, MA.

Middle: O’Brian Tomalin, Nate Perry and Josh Malouin of Building 8 Brewing in Northampton, MA.

Bottom:Jason Carlson and Mike Rodrigues of Vanished Valley Brewing in Ludlow, MA