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Sam Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack

Sam Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack

With the late Thanksgiving it’s like diving into the deep end of the Holiday Season. You have parties to go to or you’re hosting a get-together, family or otherwise. Let’s talk about beer choices.

You can save a lot of head scratching in the beer store by going with a variety pack. And you can’t do a lot better – on price or variety – than the Winter Classics (12-pack or case) from Samuel Adams.

There’s something for everyone. Classics like Boston Lager and the mildly spiced Winter Lager to holiday favorites like the rich orange-spiced Old Fezziwig and the dark, robust Holiday Porter. The decadent Chocolate Bock and the relatively new easy-going and crisp Sam ’76 Lager complete the selection.

Check out our tasting in the video above!